Request for High School Groups, Grades 11-12

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Please be sure to review our Policy on High School Visits to SBU Libraries before completing this form.

Please complete in full and submit no later than four weeks before your desired date of visit.

Teacher/Library Media Specialist

About The Course

(e.g., “To complete the assignment, students will need to use 3 peer-reviewed articles, 5 books, and 2 government documents.”)

Thesis Statements--Provide a list of thesis statements (not general topic ideas) students are researching.

About Your Students

We are only able to accommodate grades 11 and 12.

(Please note that there is a limit of 40 students per visit. One teacher/library media specialist/chaperone per 20 students is required.)

Purpose of Your Visit

Please state the purpose of your visit. What specific resources at SBU Libraries do your students need to use that are not available through the school or public libraries? We are not able to arrange a visit solely to offer your students the opportunity to experience a large academic library


Indicate the measures you have taken at your library media center to prepare your students before requesting a visit to SBU Libraries. List the databases students have used. Tell us what was covered in your library research session.

If you did not use your public library, please explain why not.

Have you introduced your students to a number of free online resources that will aid their research (e.g., Google Scholar, American Memory Project, Internet Public Library, etc.)? If yes, which ones did you introduce to your students? If no, please explain why not.

Proposed Dates To Visit

Please Submit Three Choices